How to Create True Connection on Social Media

True Connection Video PostIn the past 48 hours I’ve had 2 insightful conversations with women where the topic of ‘disconnection’ came up in relation to social media and how it sometimes feels like we’re getting more and more disconnected, even though we’ve these amazing tools to connect.

And I know the feeling they described. I’m going to share with you right now, when I started out I felt like I was just typing into the ether and getting like ZERO connection.

It can be a big turn off for entrepreneurs who know that social media can really help their business grow and reach more ideal clients but just don’t enjoy it right now. And maybe that ‘lack’ of human connection is why.

So what can you do about it? How can you feel more connected to people even when using Social Media?

It’s simple really – reach out to someone one to one and spark up a conversation. Not with the intention of selling something to them. Not with the intention of getting them to join your Facebook group or email list or whatever. Just with the intention of connecting and finding out more about them.

There’s so many different ways you can do this. Here’s 4 of my favourite ways:

  1. Reaching out to people I’ve seen in groups I’m in who I think I’d get on well with and say hey via Facebook private message and just get to know them.
  2. Schedule in a Skype coffee date with a peer or someone you want to get to know better
  3. Take it offline and if location allows, meet up with someone you’ve connected with in ‘real life’ (this is how I’ve made some of my closest friendships)
  4. Email someone you’ve lost touch with and ask them how they’re doing – this could be a client, a friend or someone you just haven’t see in forever

Just two days ago, a fellow member of the group program I am in hopped on Skype with me and shared her insights from running a successful online radio show that had 150,000 subscribers at its peak. She was so generous with her advice and learnings and we really got to know one another and help each other out in our businesses. It was so nice just having that opportunity to share and learn and connect and we both said how nice it was to put a face to a name.

And here’s the other thing – if you’re sitting there feeling like you’re trying SO hard and doing it all on your own and you just feel like you’re on Facebook like all the time but not really getting any traction in your business I want to speak directly to you right now.

I get it. I really really do. And I promise you I’ve heard like all the excuses under the sun – I’m just gonna send some tough love today because social media isn’t actually all that hard. Sure, there’s lots of platforms and loads of tactics but I’ve drilled social media down to just 3 things you have to nail:

1. Knowing who you’re trying to reach so clearly and knowing the best platforms for you and your brand to be on where your ideal clients live.

2. Creating and sharing compelling content that makes you stand out, positions you as an expert and is interesting and relevant to your ideal people. My people love me because of the value I give through my content. You don’t need to be creating a tonne of the stuff to do this but what you do create and share needs to be so spot on and interesting to your ideal peeps.

3. Having a strategic plan so you know exactly what to do to get visible and stay consistent with social media (and consistent = consistent results FYI)

If you’re feeling like you’re just not getting anywhere with your social media and are looking to really stand out and shine, grow your list, community and client base I want to invite you to have a no pressure conversation about what it looks like to work together. If you need support in this I genuinely care and want to help you and you’re who I’m looking for. I have space right now for 3 perfect clients to join my social media mastery program. I love this program and it takes you step by step through exactly what you need to know and nothing else. There’s no fluff or stuff you don’t need and is designed specifically to help you get confidently visible online and start attracting clients.

Want to join a community that can help you create this true connect? Join my free community The Visible Female Entrepreneur.

Lessons I’ve Learnt from Going Viral

Blog Header Image Template (2)On Monday 10th July I posted a video on Instagram and shared it to directly to my Facebook page. Nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was what happened when I logged into Facebook the next morning to 10,000 views of my videos and a tonne of shares – more than I’d ever received before. Over the next few days, it just continued to get shared, commented on and when viral. 

Here’s the top line stats as of Friday 15th July 2016 (they’re still increasing)


    • Featured as a popular video
    • 5215 video views
    • 662 post likes
    • 553 new followers
  • Facebook:
    • 597,203 people reached
    • 269,000 video views
    • 1500 likes / reactions
    • 546 new page likes      
  • Website:
    • 2987 traffic
    • 3876 page views
    • 150 email subscribers


  • Luck + understanding what content makes people tick online & what makes people share
  • The content was simple / resonated / high value
  • It was video content
  • It was remarkable – Jonah Berger ‘Contagious’ – we share things that make us go wow
  • People want to be able to do it themselves
  • Universal (we all know creative people/arty people who we could tag in)
  • It passed the litmus test – “would I like, comment and share this?”
  • I shared it with my friends first and put it in 2 x key places socially


  • You can’t predict these things but you can spot when something’s taking off
  • Going viral doesn’t necessarily get you business immediately
  • GREAT exposure on both my mandalas + my social media business
  • My mandala mission is to help people meditate more and if they get the app, they’ll experience that
  • The new FB page app feature of being able to invite likes to become fans is a godsend
  • I will be able to very cheaply advertise to the people who liked and engaged in the future
  • I can set up retargeting ads to my products to the traffic
  • Great exposure that people pay a LOT of money for
  • It’s a fascinating experience of anthropology – how people behave
  • It will have a natural tipping point and then go nuts…. it will also tail off eventually
  • I won’t get that reach/engagement on every post from now on
  • People will jump on the bandwagon – Sarah Wilder – Fifth Life Element!
  • Carry on as normal


  • Video: website address/my name / social tags
  • To monetise it, put affiliate links in the post
  • Edit the post quicker as now I can’t edit it!
  • If it were a YouTube video, I’d have placed ads in front of it (but it’s not!)

How To Save Your Facebook Live Stream Videos

How To Save Your Facebook Live Stream Videos

I keep being asked how to save your Facebook live stream videos once they’re published on your Facebook page.

If you can save them immediately to your camera roll or phone/tablet after ending the Facebook live stream, do that! Facebook gives you that option, and it makes it so much easier.

But if you haven’t done that and have old Facebook live videos you want to download, I’ve created a quick guide to saving/downloading them to your desktop when on a computer:

How To Save Your Facebook Live Stream Videos

  1. Find your video on Facebook
  2. Click play to play the video
  3. Click ‘click for more’
  4. Right-click on the video and click ‘show video URL’
  5. Copy the video URL
  6. Paste that URL into your browser bar (DO NOT CLICK ENTER!)
  7. Remove the https://www from the URL and replace with m. and click enter
  8. That takes you to the mobile version of the video
  9. Click to play the video
  10. Right-click on the video and click ‘save video as’
  11. Save to your desktop as an mp4 movie file

If you’d like advice on how to repurpose your live streams and social media content, as well as how to grow your audience on social media, get visible online and get more clients, book in a free discovery call with me.

Questions? Leave me a comment!

12 Ways To Promote Yourself on Social Media Without Being Annoying

Blog Header Image Template (1)How do I talk about my products on Facebook without being overly-promotional? Should I keep mentioning what I do and what I sell? How can I promote myself on social media without being annoying and people turning off from my stuff?

These are questions I get a lot, and are totally understandable. Especially if you’ve been subject to someone’s icky, pushy sales tactics online or in person.

In this video, I have 23 minutes before I have to be out the door and going to a networking group -I’m not even dressed properly and have not done my hair and make up, but I was so inspired to share the ways you CAN promote yourself on social media without being annoying that I hopped on Facebook live to take you through them.

Check out the main points below and then watch for full details and clarity on how you can apply them in your business.

  1. Get clarity on what you promote
  2. Focus on promoting one thing (at a time)
  3. Know exactly who you’re talking to
  4. Believe and have passion for what you’re selling
  5. Add value, be helpful, give people something without expecting to take
  6. Share generously
  7. Don’t compete with people
  8. Do not push your stuff too hard
  9. Tell stories
  10. Answer questions
  11. Be kind and lovely
  12. Be yourself

If you’re still feeling icky or worried you’re going to push people away rather than bring them closer to your world, and would like to know how to make money with social media without being annoying, book in for a free 20 minute assessment with me.

How The Newsfeed on Facebook Works

How and why some things you post on your Facebook page get loads of reach, likes and comments, and some things just don’t can be a complete mystery. That is unless you know how the newsfeed on Facebook works.

But Facebook are kinda cagey about the algorithm they use. (Just to bust through the jargon, that’s the computerised method that decides what posts get more reach and what gets less.) 

They’ve told us some of the reasons why, but kept a lot hush hush, so us marketing types have to guess and base it on our own page stats.

Anyhow, that does’t really matter to you. What does matter is understanding how it works so you can get more likes, comments, shares, reach and views on the content you post on your Facebook page.

So, let me demystify how the newsfeed on Facebook works…

How The Newsfeed on Facebook Works

1. What is the newsfeed and why is it important?

The newsfeed is the feed of posts and updates from friends, family, groups you’re a member of and pages you follow. You see it as soon as you login to Facebook or open the app on your phone. It’s what you probably waste hours scrolling through every day (or is that just me in bed of a morning when I should be getting up and dressed?!)

The newsfeed is important because it’s how 98% of people consume content on Facebook. It’s how most people discover posts, videos and updates on Facebook and if you want your content to be seen, it’s vital that you know how to increase your chances of people seeing it in their newsfeed.

People rarely visit your actually Facebook page to look through your posts these days. 

Just let that sink in.

Now you know that, there’s something else I have to explain:

There is so much content on Facebook these days. So many pages posting updates. So many people posting updates. The vast amount of new content being published on Facebook means they have to do something to decide which pieces of content get seen by you. They can’t possibly show everything to everyone. So to combat that, Facebook uses its algorithm to decide what content is most popular, and give that content much more reach than other content.


2. What is reach and why does it matter?

So now you’ve got your head around that, the next thing to understand is reach. On Facebook, reach is how many people have seen your post or seen their friend has liked, commented or shared it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.26.41

It matters because the more reach you get, the more new people see your content and can join your community by becoming a fan of your page, joining your Facebook group, signing up to your email list etc. Think of it as brand awareness.

Reach also indicates how popular a post is on Facebook, which you now know is key to people seeing your stuff.

3. How do you increase reach on a Facebook post?

This is how it works:

  1. You publish a new post on your Facebook page
  2. Facebook sends that post out to a small % of your existing page fans
  3. If those fans like, comment and share your post (i.e engage with it), Facebook sees it as popular and releavant and sends it out to more of your fanbase, and so on until the engagement peters out
  4. If you don’t get likes, comments and shares on your content quickly, you just don’t get the reach (unless you pay to boost your posts or advertise)

4. So, how do you get more people to engage when you first publish a post?

It’s the next logical question to ask yourself right? This is precisely what I teach my clients and course students, and there’s many ways to increase engagement but here are the key principles you need to know:

  • RELEVANCY: Your post should be relevant to your audience
  • RESONANCY: Your post needs to resonate with your audience (so they feel like ‘me too’)
  • REMARKABILITY: Your post needs to be remarkable, and stand out
  • ADDS VALUE: Your post should help someone be, do, have, learn or feel something they desire or solves a problem they have
  • STIRS EMOTION: Your post needs to make someone feel a strong emotion (either positive or negative)
  • THEY WANT TO TAG SOMEONE IN IT: Your post needs to make them think of someone they know who’d benefit from seeing it

You don’t necessarily need to have all of these things in each post, but it does help to include at least 2 and do the litmus test (“would I like, comment or share this?“). Relevancy is the biggest for me and that comes down to knowing your ideal client and customer like you know your best friend. Inside out.

One final thought…

I’ve seen how the newsfeed on Facebook works firsthand this week, as one of my video posts has gone viral. The power of sharing remarkable content on my other Facebook page has led to the following results (and counting… it’s still going a bit nuts!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 14.19.10

Today (Wednesday the 14th July) at 3pm BST (GMT+1) I’m hopping on livestream on my Facebook page to share what I’ve learnt from going viral. If you’d like to tune in, please join me. If you can’t, submit any questions in the comments below and I’ll be updating this blog once the replay is available to watch.

Over To You

Knowing what you now know about how the newsfeed on Facebook works, what changes can you make to the content you publish on Facebook? If you do make those changes and see results, or would like help, please leave a comment and I’ll take a look!

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