How To Hack The Facebook Algorithm

blog-header-image-templateWhat gets seen by your Facebook fans and what doesn’t can sometimes feel like a complete mystery. Even if you think you’ve understood the Facebook algorithm (the formula that Facebook uses to decide which posts get seen by who) it seems to change without a moments notice and you’re back to square one.

Which is why I’m showing you how to hack the Facebook algorithm, by understanding what Facebook currently deems important when you create and share content on your Facebook page. Over the next 9 working days, I’ll be taking you through the 10 algorithm signals and how to use them to your advantage.

I’ll be sharing the hacks live on my Facebook page and in my group each day, or you can come back here and catch up.


3 Easy Ways To Get Clients Now

3 Easy Ways to Get Clients NowOne of the ongoing actions in business is to book new clients and work, yet sometimes it can feel like the hardest thing to do – especially if you’re having a slow month or feel like you’re trapped in desperation mode.

Yesterday in my Facebook group I did a live video about how sometimes the easiest ways for us to book new clients are often overlooked. The opportunities might be staring you in the face and could be the difference between you hitting your goals this month of not.

If you’re not getting enough clients right now, even just one of these ways could open doors for you and get you meeting your monthly goal within a matter of hours or days.

The 3 Easy Ways I Shared Were:

  1. Reach out to past clients, customers and testers
  2. Check in with past leads
  3. Ask for referrals and recommendations

I have some specific tips to do each of these without coming across like a pushy salesperson and with confidence. Watch the replay of the live video now to find out what they are, and join the group for free to get involved and ask questions.

BONUS ACTION STEP! Which of these 3 ways could you use TODAY to book more work? Declare your commitment in the blog comments below!

3 Ways To Avoid The “Time-Suck-Scroll” on Social Media

3 Ways To Avoid The "Time-Suck-Scroll" on Social Media

It can be so difficult to have good boundaries with social media. We can have the best of intentions of being efficient with social media to promote our businesses – and then we get stuck on there scrolling for what feels like hours. This is a lesson I’m learning for myself time and time again. In this video I’m sharing three ways that I’m setting boundaries with social media in order to avoid the “time-suck scroll.”

2 Fast Acting Mindset Tricks to Get What You Want!

2 Fast Acting Mindset Tricks to Get What You Want!

Getting in the right mindset and cultivating your desired feeling are so important to achieving what you want. In this video I share two simple, fast acting tricks for getting in the right mindset so that you can get what you want in your business and life.

28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media

28 Ways to Use Video PostHere’s something you probably don’t know about me…

I’ve always wanted to be a TV presenter.

As a kid, my parents would let me and my sisters watch their favourite TV shows with them in the evening and I’d go to bed dreaming of being the next Delia Smith or David Attenborough… inspiring other’s to get enthusiastic about a topic and spark their interest and learning.

Over the years that passed I had glimpses of what it was like to be in front of the camera… right up to my last job where I co-presented craft training videos with amazing older people in London (including making home made face masks and modelling them on screen. See evidence below!)

I even got the chance to be on a popular prime time TV show here in the UK a couple of years back which was pretty cool.

Do you know what’s even cooler?

I get to be a ‘TV presenter’ and live out my childhood dream of inspiring and teaching people through video every single day in my business.

And not just that, it’s making me money too – through new client enquiries who want to work with me now they’ve gotten to really know, like & trust me through my videos to £1500 of passive income sales in the last 2 weeks from my video that went viral.

And if that doesn’t convince you that video is seriously powerful right now, let me tell you this. Video content on average reaches 135% more people on Facebook than photos. That’s a huge FREE opportunity for your business.

I want you to know that if you’re hearing crickets on your social media posts or just not getting the results you want, video could change everything for you.

Now, if you’re thinking “I don’t like being on camera” or “I’m scared I’ll say something stupid and fluff my words” or “what if I my mind goes blank?!” or “who’d want to listen to me anyway?”…

I have 3 things to tell you:

1) You might fluff up. Or say something stupid. I do all the time, but I’m still enjoying and benefitting from using video and my audience don’t care (in fact they tell me they like how real I am and that I’m not polished and perfect)

2) You won’t know until you try and the first attempt is often the scariest. It gets easier and easier (and more and more fun) the more you do it.

3) You don’t have to do face-to-camera to use video successfully in your business. I’ve got 28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media listed below and I’m pretty sure at least 1 of them you could try right now….

28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media

  1. Create a screenshare video and teach your audience how to use a piece of software or do something online related to your business
  2. Interview a client
  3. Film a timelapse video of you making or transforming something
  4.  Shoot a slow motion video of a cool product feature
  5. Get a drone to film your premises or event from the sky
  6. Get your team or staff to introduce themselves on camera
  7. Ask clients to record their own video testimonials
  8. Create a gif (an animated short clip) or your product or you in action
  9. Film yourself teaching something using only a whiteboard
  10. Film a before and after
  11. Create a photo montage related to your business
  12. Do an office or premises guided tour
  13. Film a day in the life of you, running your business
  14. Create a stop motion
  15. Introduce your product or offer by video
  16. Unbox something on camera
  17. Film video vox pops at the next event you attend
  18. Record a demo of your product in action
  19. Show the making of… behind the scenes
  20. Video a talk you’re giving
  21. Run a webinar and teach something
  22. Share a few tips quickly on live stream
  23. Tell your story (this is great for an about page on your website!)
  24. Conduct a video Q&A
  25. Make an announcement by video
  26. Do a 360 degree tour of your premises
  27. Welcome people to your Facebook group or page by video
  28. Lip sync or have a dance break by video

Over to you

Pick one of the 28 Ways To Use Video On Social Media and commit to doing it this week. Tell us which one you’re going to do in the comments and come back and share the link as evidence so we can hold you accountable!

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