Creating a social media marketing strategy isn’t always easy when you’re an entrepreneur and business owner. Even if you have a team, business partner or are part of a mastermind.

Getting the best ideas out of your head, ensuring they’re going to work and then putting them into an order that is achievable isn’t as straightforward as all those people pushing their yearly planners will have you think.

It’s easy to let yourself off the strategy hook.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • You buy a yearly planner to map out your business & social media goals, intentions and to-dos. But come March it’s half-filled in and collecting dust under a pile of lists, receipts and that book you’ve been meaning to read
  • You’ve no lack of ideas but sometimes lack confidence in them. Or feel bombarded with everything you know you could do that you never really get off the starting blocks and run with it
  • You wish you had a system and central place for everything, that was easy to understand, update and customise for your business
  • You need to create a social media strategy and don’t want to wait till the middle of next month, or next year to actually get on and do anything
  • You would love to have another brain and pair of eyes on your business & marketing plans. Someone who gets as excited about your ideas as you do and helps you refine them with their expertise
  • You’re telling yourself this is the year you finally focus and make your dreams and goals happen. The year you stop procrastination stealing the show


A one day, fast track intensive designed specifically to create a comprehensive 12 month social media marketing strategy and online content plan. This is the ideal opportunity to brainstorm, sense check your ideas and receive expert guidance on your marketing for the coming year.


Jen Smith - November 2014 - Low Res with Watermark -064 _Coaching and training

A full day of one-to-one coaching with me. Access the benefit of my expertise and creative ideas, as well as any on the spot training required.


smartphone-notebook-pen-notes-largeA strategy and detailed plan of action

Together we’ll create a detailed strategy and step-by-step plan for the next 6-12 months to ensure you know exactly what to do after our session.


desk-notebook-office-grey-largeResources & checklists

I’ll give you all the resources & checklists you’ll need to implement everything we’ve mapped out together. Including my pre-blog publishing checklist, SEO optimisation checklist, webinar structure guide and more.



Brainstorming and assets:

  • Discuss & map out your campaigns and launches for next 12 months
  • Clarify your target audience personas including target networks & groups to engage with
  • Generate content ideas for blog and social media
  • Map the customer journey for your key products and services, and discuss ideas for content that moves them down the funnel
  • Brainstorm & map out your marketing plan for one key service or campaign


 Creating a comprehensive strategy:

  • Map your 6-12 month social media marketing strategy for one key service or product
  • Create detailed sales funnel and customer journey
  • Create an editorial calendar for the next month 



Getting it done:

  • As you finalise your social media marketing strategy after the intensive, you’ll get detailed feedback from me to ensure it’s as effective as possible
  • A 30 minute follow-up session is built into your package to ensure you have time to digest and implement, as well as ask any questions after the day together


One Day Intensive

  • Full day intensive in person (at your premises or in London)
  • Tailored social media strategy spreadsheet & tracker
  • Editorial calendar and schedule
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up session via Skype after the day (worth £249)
  • Email support

Investment: £999


Louise Craigen

Before my session with JS I had lost of ideas spinning around my head in multiple wayward directions.  Jen helped me make sense of them and stopped the spinning.  During the session she cast her magical spell with her special brand of humour, confidence and knowledge gave me direction and focus.  I ended up with an amazing sense of self-belief and a clear way forward.  Plus, it was such a fun day,  and I am so grateful.  Thanks Jen it was worth every penny spent.

Louise Craigen, Platform Social


susan payton the business of mums









My intensive with Jen gave me so much clarity and focus. My head was hurting with all the ideas buzzing around inside of it …not to mention the pages of notes and to-do lists that cluttered my desk. I was feeling quite overwhelmed and confused about what to do next.

My day with Jen was not only thoroughly enjoyable (she’s lovely!) but I felt that she really ‘got’ me and my business. She completely understood what I was trying to achieve and it felt great to finally get everything down onto paper and into some sort of coherent, logical order. We brainstormed ideas, campaigns and marketing strategies, we set goals and we put it all into a comprehensive 6 month plan.

I slept so well that night and woke up the next morning feeling completely refreshed, refocused, re-energised and ready to get going with purpose. Since then I have worked with Jen on a weekly basis and she is so flexible and willing to help me with anything that has come up for me in the week. I will definitely make the intensive day a regular 6-monthly event and I can’t really imagine ever not wanting to have her help. She is part of my team 🙂

Susan Payton, Coach & CEO, The Business of Mums


Lisa Sturge Laughterlines Coaching









Working with Jen has helped me clarify my ‘big strategy’ and focus on what is important. I have a clearer, more focused plan of action for my social media in a way that fits my values and the work that I do.

When I got back after the day, there was a phone message from a lady asking me to write a blog post for her website and someone offering to manage my YouTube channel after watching the video we put on Facebook (that’s had 1.2k views)! I’ve also booked two workshops in London!

Jen is a kind and gentle person who has helped me forge a path into the future that excites and enthuses me. Thank you heaps!

Lisa Sturge, Laughterlines Coaching












 Jen and I recently spent a day together strategizing and developing a social media plan for my new business, Prüv. Jen’s efficiency, insight and ability to get to the crux of every issue is impressive.

She added enormous value and brought her own brand of creative energy. Importantly, she has provided an invaluable, structured and systematic strategy toolkit for me to carry forward and develop as the business grows.

Working with Jen and being able to benefit from her expertise has helped me crystallised lot of issues, given me a prioritised list of actionable items and set me up perfectly to move from strength to strength.

Fran McElwaine, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Prüv


Beatriz Cadavid









As a ‘Solopreneur’ It was so healing and refreshing to have Jen in the comfort of my own creative space and be able to bounce off her and get clarification on so many questions that were lingering around.  Our strategy day was just the exact bridge I needed to connect me from the ‘now what, what’s next?’ block that had me frozen in my tracks, to being able to see what steps I needed to take next. 

I loved the way Jen was able to meet me where I was at and provide me with on the spot solutions that I could implement right there and then. This really was a treat and made our day extra valuable.

I was so relieved that I was able to walk away with a breadth of information. Jen helped me see what steps I needed to take next and gave me faith that it may just be possible to make this project a reality!

Thank you so much Jen, you’re an inspiration! I am really chuffed that the universe revealed you on my path and I wish I could have had you for a longer period of time!

Beatriz Cadavid, Life Coach, B Coaching


gay richardson










 We had everything in out heads, albeit in a jumble!

Jen calmly talked and brainstormed with us and helped organise our social media & marketing plan. We were delighted, thrilled and extremely impressed.

The big picture, now broken down into lots of ‘little pictures’ makes it so easy to understand and implement.

The intensive worked so well because we spent the whole day together, which enabled continuity and clarity towards our final plan (and it was the most time effective too!)

We would highly recommend Jen and her intensives. It was the perfect day and the result was beyond all our expectations!”

Gay Richardson, Personal Stylist, Style Me Confident



I decided to work with Jen after gaining an insight into her level of knowledge and expertise based on the valuable free content she provides. Jen and I spent the day together and covered so many critical areas of my new business and how I could make it a success. Beforehand I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the number of different marketing methods and tools available, but Jen simplified all of that. Jen went back to basics looking at my services and pricing, how to achieve my end clients using the key methods for my type of business and ultimately learning how to measure the results.

Jen helped me enormously by giving me focus and clarity and afterwards, I had a clear plan of action to get visible and get clients. I will certainly look at working with Jen again in the future, she has a great personality, totally approachable and she totally knows her stuff! Thank you so much Jen.

Caroline Graham, CGSafety