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Using Social Media For Good

Blog Pre-lude:

There’s a lot of negative talk about social media lately.

How it’s:

  • addictive
  • narcissistic
  • false
  • ruining true human connection
  • stifling creativity
  • making us all depressed

The news regularly reports on how social media is being used to incite hatred and radicalise young people. It’s hard to get away from the ‘social media is bad’ rhetoric.

In the online business world there appears to be a lot of suspicion, false representation, pushy promotion and make-you-feel-bad-to-make-you-buy marketing on that’s making people feel disolusioned and some considering rejecting their social networks.

And whilst I’ve personally experienced and witnessed the dark side of social media and acknowledge that it can be unhealthy and used in a negative way, I want to share an experience with you today that demonstrates that social media can be used for good.

An antidote to the current trend to bash such an amazing tool for connectivity. A positive perspective.

My aim is to show you how social media can change the world for the better and that if you care about something deeply (in business or in your personal life) you can use social media for good and make a real difference.

I would love to hear your ideas and feedback on this topic. Especially if there’s a cause you care deeply about and are inspired to use social media to support. Drop me a comment at the end of the post or come and find me on Facebook or Instagram

Using Social Media For Good

Some experiences hit you right in the heart and make you marvel at how amazing this world truly is. My weekend hanging out with rehabilitated and rescued elephants in Northern Thailand last November was one that would change the trajectory of my life forever.

It was such a humbling experience. From the moment we arrived and walked onto the wooden platform overlooking the park, and watched the elephants walking towards us, I had tears in my eyes.

The giant creatures were on the hunt for watermelon. Using their tough, rough trunks to search out the sweet fruit once they sniffed it out they let us feed them their favourite treats.

Throughout the next two days, we wandered the park, spending time with many of the elephants. We bathed them in the river. Watched them cover themselves and play in the mud. Made the old grandma elephants (who’s teeth had fallen out due to old age) squishy rice balls and slept in bungalows that overlooked their sleeping quarters. Being awoken by the trumpeting of trunks was the best wake up call!

Elephants are such emotionally intelligent, peaceful creatures.We felt very privileged to be there.

So how does a weekend hanging out with elephants in Thailand link to using social media for good?

On the Saturday evening of our trip we were fortunate enough to hear the founder of Elephant Nature Park, Lek Chailert, talk about her work in conserving Asian elephants since the 1990s. It was a highly emotive talk, and harrowing to hear how elephants have been treated so badly despite being revered in Thai culture and Buddhism.

What many tourists who want to get up close and personal with elephants don’t realise is that all elephants who…

  • carry tourists on their backs for rides
  • perform tricks like painting for tourist’s entertainment
  • are used for begging on the streets of Thailand
  • pose for selfies with tourists
  • or exhibit any unnatural behaviour for the entertainment of humans

…have been subjected to a cruel process called Pahjaan or ‘breaking the spirit’. This a process that involves tearing a baby elephant away from its mother and herd, tying it up and beating it until its spirit breaks.

Lek played us a video of some of the footage she and others have captured of this maltreatment. I was in tears watching it. It is deeply harrowing to see creatures you respect and want to be happy being tortured and broken.

Even elephants who seem happy (you may have seen videos of baby elephants sitting in tourist’s laps) are invariably fed the wrong diet, lack nutrition, suffer from loneliness and stress and die much earlier than their life expectancy. Away from the paying crowds they are chained up and live a short, hard life away from their natural habitat and family.

As the video ended, I knew I would leave this place changed.

This video is not the one we were shown during Lek’s talk, but does give some indication of what happens to these poor elephants. It may be upsetting to watch, but it is what made me so determined to talk about this issue publicly:

“How Can We Help?”

The obvious question we asked of Lek after showing this video was:

“Aside from supporting places like Elephant Nature Park, how can we help?”

And her response was… social media.

She asked us to:

  • Tell our friends and family about our trip to ENP and why we chose it over riding elephants or other options
  • Educate our followers to ethical animal tourism so when they travel to Asia, they make the best choice for animals
  • Reach out to people who share content and videos promoting rides and tricks with elephants and encourage them to rethink their posts and educate themselves

Lek was adamant that social media was the easiest and best way to spread a positive message and to educate others. Because that’s all that’s needed to save the elephants in Thailand from cruelty.

If tourists stopped paying for these “experiences” with elephants, there would be no demand and the people who exploit them would have to find other ways of making a living.

This is why, since returning from Thailand, I’ve spoken about this on my personal Facebook, my Facebook group and now here on my blog and business social media.

Just this week I reached out to Cooler Magazine via their Facebook page because they were promoting a video showing baby elephants “cuddling” tourists. I sent them a quick polite direct message that shared my experiences, and asked them to look up Pahjaan and educate themselves, as well as remove the video from their feed.

Here’s their response:

Using Social Media For Good

I was nervous of pointing this out to them, as I wasn’t sure they’d take it well, but I am thrilled that they’re taking action and responding to their audience like this.

I hope they do write an article about it, as they’ve such a huge influence on people who love to travel and love animals. Watch this space.

Whilst I’m not naive enough to think that everyone would respond this way, or that everyone who see’s my posts will change their minds, I know that what I’ve shared already has made a difference and I’ve had a few people tell me they’re glad they know better now.

I also believe in the ripple effect and that social media gives us a power to spread a message no other generation before has had.

Aside from promoting our businesses, what if we used this power for good?

What do you care about? What do you want to see positive change for in the world?

For you it might not be saving Asian elephants, but most people passionately care about a cause yet rarely do anything about it. How can you, through the use of social media, do something positive for what you believe in this week?

And can you take it one step further and find a way to use your business to support that cause to? (This is something I’m brainstorming right now).

This post is a little different to my normal blogs here but it is something that’s really dear to my heart and I know how many of my clients and readers are animal lovers too and have causes they too care deeply about and would like to see change in attitudes to. I’d love to hear your thoughts – feel free to comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Jen x

3 Ways To Avoid The “Time-Suck-Scroll” on Social Media

3 Ways To Avoid The "Time-Suck-Scroll" on Social Media

It can be so difficult to have good boundaries with social media. We can have the best of intentions of being efficient with social media to promote our businesses – and then we get stuck on there scrolling for what feels like hours. This is a lesson I’m learning for myself time and time again. In this video I’m sharing three ways that I’m setting boundaries with social media in order to avoid the “time-suck scroll.”

28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media

28 Ways to Use Video PostHere’s something you probably don’t know about me…

I’ve always wanted to be a TV presenter.

As a kid, my parents would let me and my sisters watch their favourite TV shows with them in the evening and I’d go to bed dreaming of being the next Delia Smith or David Attenborough… inspiring other’s to get enthusiastic about a topic and spark their interest and learning.

Over the years that passed I had glimpses of what it was like to be in front of the camera… right up to my last job where I co-presented craft training videos with amazing older people in London (including making home made face masks and modelling them on screen. See evidence below!)

I even got the chance to be on a popular prime time TV show here in the UK a couple of years back which was pretty cool.

Do you know what’s even cooler?

I get to be a ‘TV presenter’ and live out my childhood dream of inspiring and teaching people through video every single day in my business.

And not just that, it’s making me money too – through new client enquiries who want to work with me now they’ve gotten to really know, like & trust me through my videos to £1500 of passive income sales in the last 2 weeks from my video that went viral.

And if that doesn’t convince you that video is seriously powerful right now, let me tell you this. Video content on average reaches 135% more people on Facebook than photos. That’s a huge FREE opportunity for your business.

I want you to know that if you’re hearing crickets on your social media posts or just not getting the results you want, video could change everything for you.

Now, if you’re thinking “I don’t like being on camera” or “I’m scared I’ll say something stupid and fluff my words” or “what if I my mind goes blank?!” or “who’d want to listen to me anyway?”…

I have 3 things to tell you:

1) You might fluff up. Or say something stupid. I do all the time, but I’m still enjoying and benefitting from using video and my audience don’t care (in fact they tell me they like how real I am and that I’m not polished and perfect)

2) You won’t know until you try and the first attempt is often the scariest. It gets easier and easier (and more and more fun) the more you do it.

3) You don’t have to do face-to-camera to use video successfully in your business. I’ve got 28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media listed below and I’m pretty sure at least 1 of them you could try right now….

28 Ways to Use Video On Social Media

  1. Create a screenshare video and teach your audience how to use a piece of software or do something online related to your business
  2. Interview a client
  3. Film a timelapse video of you making or transforming something
  4.  Shoot a slow motion video of a cool product feature
  5. Get a drone to film your premises or event from the sky
  6. Get your team or staff to introduce themselves on camera
  7. Ask clients to record their own video testimonials
  8. Create a gif (an animated short clip) or your product or you in action
  9. Film yourself teaching something using only a whiteboard
  10. Film a before and after
  11. Create a photo montage related to your business
  12. Do an office or premises guided tour
  13. Film a day in the life of you, running your business
  14. Create a stop motion
  15. Introduce your product or offer by video
  16. Unbox something on camera
  17. Film video vox pops at the next event you attend
  18. Record a demo of your product in action
  19. Show the making of… behind the scenes
  20. Video a talk you’re giving
  21. Run a webinar and teach something
  22. Share a few tips quickly on live stream
  23. Tell your story (this is great for an about page on your website!)
  24. Conduct a video Q&A
  25. Make an announcement by video
  26. Do a 360 degree tour of your premises
  27. Welcome people to your Facebook group or page by video
  28. Lip sync or have a dance break by video

Over to you

Pick one of the 28 Ways To Use Video On Social Media and commit to doing it this week. Tell us which one you’re going to do in the comments and come back and share the link as evidence so we can hold you accountable!

How to Create True Connection on Social Media

True Connection Video PostIn the past 48 hours I’ve had 2 insightful conversations with women where the topic of ‘disconnection’ came up in relation to social media and how it sometimes feels like we’re getting more and more disconnected, even though we’ve these amazing tools to connect.

And I know the feeling they described. I’m going to share with you right now, when I started out I felt like I was just typing into the ether and getting like ZERO connection.

It can be a big turn off for entrepreneurs who know that social media can really help their business grow and reach more ideal clients but just don’t enjoy it right now. And maybe that ‘lack’ of human connection is why.

So what can you do about it? How can you feel more connected to people even when using Social Media?

It’s simple really – reach out to someone one to one and spark up a conversation. Not with the intention of selling something to them. Not with the intention of getting them to join your Facebook group or email list or whatever. Just with the intention of connecting and finding out more about them.

There’s so many different ways you can do this. Here’s 4 of my favourite ways:

  1. Reaching out to people I’ve seen in groups I’m in who I think I’d get on well with and say hey via Facebook private message and just get to know them.
  2. Schedule in a Skype coffee date with a peer or someone you want to get to know better
  3. Take it offline and if location allows, meet up with someone you’ve connected with in ‘real life’ (this is how I’ve made some of my closest friendships)
  4. Email someone you’ve lost touch with and ask them how they’re doing – this could be a client, a friend or someone you just haven’t see in forever

Just two days ago, a fellow member of the group program I am in hopped on Skype with me and shared her insights from running a successful online radio show that had 150,000 subscribers at its peak. She was so generous with her advice and learnings and we really got to know one another and help each other out in our businesses. It was so nice just having that opportunity to share and learn and connect and we both said how nice it was to put a face to a name.

And here’s the other thing – if you’re sitting there feeling like you’re trying SO hard and doing it all on your own and you just feel like you’re on Facebook like all the time but not really getting any traction in your business I want to speak directly to you right now.

I get it. I really really do. And I promise you I’ve heard like all the excuses under the sun – I’m just gonna send some tough love today because social media isn’t actually all that hard. Sure, there’s lots of platforms and loads of tactics but I’ve drilled social media down to just 3 things you have to nail:

1. Knowing who you’re trying to reach so clearly and knowing the best platforms for you and your brand to be on where your ideal clients live.

2. Creating and sharing compelling content that makes you stand out, positions you as an expert and is interesting and relevant to your ideal people. My people love me because of the value I give through my content. You don’t need to be creating a tonne of the stuff to do this but what you do create and share needs to be so spot on and interesting to your ideal peeps.

3. Having a strategic plan so you know exactly what to do to get visible and stay consistent with social media (and consistent = consistent results FYI)

If you’re feeling like you’re just not getting anywhere with your social media and are looking to really stand out and shine, grow your list, community and client base I want to invite you to have a no pressure conversation about what it looks like to work together. If you need support in this I genuinely care and want to help you and you’re who I’m looking for. I have space right now for 3 perfect clients to join my social media mastery program. I love this program and it takes you step by step through exactly what you need to know and nothing else. There’s no fluff or stuff you don’t need and is designed specifically to help you get confidently visible online and start attracting clients.

Want to join a community that can help you create this true connect? Join my free community The Visible Female Entrepreneur.

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