facebook mastery course

Do you struggle to get more engagement on your Facebook page but don’t know how to make it happen? Are you bewildered as to why you only get likes but no shares and no engagement?

Are thoughts like “Facebook keeps moving the goalposts” and Facebook used to work well for me but not as much anymore” running through your mind?

Is the lack of organic reach on your Facebook posts edging you closer to giving up on Facebook altogether until you can afford Facebook ads?

You’re not alone! When Facebook changed the algorithm last year, I saw my organic reach drop from 80% to 8% overnight.

And my client’s were starting to see the same dramatic decline – even on pages that had previously been successfully gaining 300-500 new fans a month and reaching the majority of their audience with every post.

It was every social media expert’s nightmare! I wondered how I was going to adapt my strategy for success on Facebook and continue to help my clients too.

I was used to Facebook changing features frequently, and relished the challenge of keeping up, but even I wondered if I’d had enough this time.

That was until I realised that this change was an OPPORTUNITY for me and my clients and not a death sentence for our results. I decided to put in the hard work other people wouldn’t be prepared to do and figure out exactly what DOES WORK on Facebook.

And as a result?

facebook mastery

Mastering what works on Facebook without having to constantly boost every single post on my Facebook page has allowed my potential clients to really know, like & trust me. Not just that, they’re visiting my website, joining my newsletter and private Facebook group and becoming my clients. It also helped me go viral back in July reaching 19 million people and netting 8.5 million views with one post.

My client’s are reaping the rewards too, even if their business and Facebook page is brand new. Just this summer I had one client who launched their business and gained over 10,000 email subscribers and 3000 Facebook fans with one Facebook campaign we created together (with minimal spend on Facebook ads).

I LOVE seeing these types of results come through – hearing my client’s excitement when they get 50 shares on one post, or reach more than 5000 people with just a single video. I’m also delighted that so many of the people tell me their confidence has grown massively as a result too.


I’m betting those kinds of results would be a game-changer for your business, right?


Although you’re active on Facebook – you’ve got a page you’re updating and are using groups and boosted posts now and then – you’ve yet to master how all the Facebook features really work together to create results.

There are more than 50 million small business pages on Facebook, however only a small percent of them are active, and an even smaller percent consistently updated. And… an even smaller percent of them are maximising the features and types of content that get results. 

That is a GOLDEN opportunity for an entrepreneur like you.

If you can understand how all the features work together to get you results and NAIL the key elements that increase your reach and engagement on Facebook, you’re no longer competing in a crowded space. In fact, you’re one of the VERY FEW who are standing out on the world’s biggest social network.

And I’d say it’s essential to learn how to make the most of that opportunity if you want to grow your business on Facebook. Wouldn’t you agree?


facebook mastery course

A 5-Week Online Group Training Program for entrepreneurs and business owners, designed to help you go from inconsistent & lacking confidence on Facebook to really mastering pages, groups, live video and ads.

Week One: Facebook Page Mastery.

How to unlock the secret Facebook strategy most business owners aren’t even aware of that will supercharge your Facebook page from zero engagement to likes, comments and shares on every post. 

  • How to ensure your page is set up correctly and can be found by your ideal clients and customers
  • The branding elements you must have in place to turn browsers into fans & subscribers
  • Step-by-step guide to verifying your business page
  • Understand your insights: a tour of the stats and analytics behind your page and exactly what you need to pay attention to, and what you don’t
  • Discover the hidden features most Facebook business page owners don’t even know are there
  • 10 Ways to increase your page fans & followers without desperately spamming groups, joining like ladders or paying for ‘like ads’
  • How to like other people’s pages as your business page and my top tips for networking with other pages authentically

Week Two: Facebook Content Mastery.

How to create and share engaging content and posts on your business page that will skyrocket your engagement, reach and sales.

  • How to consistently come up with content topics, themes and ideas that your ideal customers will love to see and engage with on their newsfeed
  • The 5 key types of page posts to increase organic reach
  • When (and how) to share other people’s content on your page
  • My storytelling formula for quickly writing a powerful post that’ll magnetise your ideal clients to you and make them want to work with you
  • How to quickly and easily create professional video content using your iPhone or tablet and share it in a way that’ll get 
  • My 101 guide to running competitions on your Facebook page
  • Create a simple content routine and learn how to schedule, backdate and edit your posts

Week Three: Facebook Live Mastery.

How and when to use Facebook live video to build your community and authority quicker than any other marketing tactic, even if you’re nervous about getting on video live or don’t have the techy skills or equipment in place yet.

  • Follow along step-by-step as I take you through setting up and running a Facebook live video
  • Understand the simple and cheap tech set up to make your live videos look and sound professional
  • Get my formula for exactly how to structure your live streams for maximum engagement, action and results LIVE and on the replay
  • How to convert your content ideas into the perfect live stream topics
  • What to do with your Facebook live videos after you’ve finished going live
  • Broadcasting on Facebook live through your computer – a step by step guide

Week Four: Facebook Group Mastery.

How to stand out and get business through other people’s Facebook groups, plus how to set up and grow your own Facebook community to create a tribe of people who want to work with you.

  • How to make sure your personal profile is set up to give you the level of privacy you desire but also help other group members discover your Facebook page
  • The Facebook tool I use to find the perfect Facebook groups to network in that are full of my potential clients
  • My etiquette-guide for networking in other people’s groups, even when they’ve a no-promo policy in place
  • The copywriting formula for posting in groups that got me 200+ comments and 120 webinar signups on one thread in just 3 hours
  • How to set up your own Facebook groups and engage your members with exclusive content you don’t post anywhere else
  • The difference between open, closed and secret groups and how to use each type to your advantage
  • 10 Ways to grow your Facebook group membership from 0 to 1000s of members

Week Five: Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts Mastery.

How to use boosted posts and Facebook ads (including the ads manager and Powereditor) to maximise your efforts on Facebook, grow your email list like crazy and target your potential customers precisely.

  • Understand the difference between boosted posts and ad campaigns run through the ads manager types of ads available to use and when to use them
  • What types of ads you can run and how and when to use them
  • Audience targeting options, including how to target people by interest, pages they like and in-depth demographics
  • The simple Facebook ads startegy I use to maximise my budget and get the most reach, engagement, clicks and conversons for the cheapest possible price
  • Designing ads that convert and avoiding rejected ads which don’t break the Facebook ad guidelines
  • A step-by-step guide run through of setting up boosted posts and Facebook ads in the ads manager & power editor
  • What is the Facebook pixel and how to track conversions on your website
  • Understanding ad reports and insights and how to ensure your next advert is even more successful than the last














To reward fast action takers I’m gifting the first 10 people to sign up for Facebook mastery a one-hour 1:1 training session via Skype. This call (worth £290) can be used to develop your social media and Facebook strategy, get bespoke training for your particular business or get feedback and advice on your content or any actions you take throughout the course. The calls are conducted via Skype and available to use at any point during the course or by the end of 2016.


To welcome you to the course you’ll receive training on the simple approach to social media that will help you master Facebook (and every other social media network) and create a simple strategy that plays into the Facebook algorithm’s hands and maximises your reach, engagement and results.


Not only will you receive weekly modules and training videos, but every Monday there will be a group call conducted via Zoom to answer your questions, get feedback and bespoke advice for your business and Facebook mastery.


Join an intimate group of amazing entrepreneurs, build incredible relationships, and network within this supportive community.


Access my recent webinar replay covering the lessons I learnt when 1 video I posted on Facebook went viral and received 8.5 million views, reached 19 million people and made me over £1500 in passive income.











When does the course begin and end?

This Facebook mastery course starts on 7th October and runs for 5 weeks. Although I recommend you follow along with the rest of the course members, you’ll have access to the modules to return to at any time. You will receive support from the online community and be able to ask questions there as well. What won’t last are the awesome bonuses, so get on this, and transform your Facebook strategy so you can start getting results now!

How will I access the training modules each week?

You’ll get each module & workbook delivered by email every Friday, with training videos in a password protected area of my website. Every Monday there will be a group call to run through the training & for you to ask questions. If you have questions between the calls, you can post in the Private FB Group.

Will there be a way for me to ask questions?

Absolutely! You’ll have the chance to experience personalised training with me via the Private FB Group. Many of these questions that you may have may be asked during the Q&A time on the weekly calls which you can join in live or listen back on replay. As stated above, you can always use the private FB group to ask more questions.

I just started my biz or Facebook page; is this course right for me?

Absolutely! Regardless of how long you’ve been in business or had a presence on Facebook, it is vital that you are able to master your Facebook strategy so you can reach your ideal clients and attract them into your business. In addition, this Facebook course is unlike others as there are many extra parts that will help you master super important parts of your Facebook foundations, i.e.) a social media strategy, creating a social media calendar, creating excellent content and learning how to engage and network effectively without coming across spammy or pushy, etc…

I’ve been running my Facebook business page for a while, but not getting a lot of reach or engagement (or clients!), is this course right for me?

Oh hells yes! You’re in a fantastic position, with your Facebook foundations put in place, to start maximising all of the hard work that you’ve put forth! This may be the missing piece that gives you a quantum leap since being able to master how Facebook really works is the key to opening the flood gates to a bigger audience and more leads for your business.

I’m a product-based business but not a service-based entrepreneur. Is this course right for me?

Yes. Yes. And yes! The strategy I’m teaching works for any type of business – product, service-based or even MLM. When you get these pieces in place, they will allow you to maximise all the key features of Facebook and really understand how to target your ideal audience and what makes them like, comment, share and buy from you. If you’re still unsure, email us: jen@jensmithsocialmedia.co.uk

How is your program different from other Facebook courses?

One of the biggest differences is that this Facebook course gives you Bonus Orientation Materials that enable you to begin gaining visibility on social media from the beginning of the course, if you so choose, and all you need to be able to master what works NOW on Facebook, and not what worked a year or even 6 months ago. I spend a lot of time keeping up to date with the latest success factors and testing what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to. This is up-to-date information that most other courses haven’t caught up with yet.

I realise that some of my challenge is with Facebook ads, are you covering that?

You bet! Although I focus the course on utilising the free and organic features of Facebook, there’s no denying the power of Facebook ads and no Facebook course would be complete without in-depth training on how to use boosted posts & ads to maximise your efforts on the network. Whether you’ve dabbled with ads or not, I’m covering it all!