Too many business owners struggle with writing their website content, procrastinate over what to blog about every week and feel like their email newsletters fall on deaf ears.

Jen Smith Social Media

I know because I see it time and again with clients and business friends.

They tell me:

  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “I’m not a writer, I’m crap at writing copy”
  • “I hate writing about myself”
  • “I don’t know what to put on my services and sales pages”
  • “What do I even blog about?!”

Be honest with yourself for just a second. Do you really enjoy writing? Is it your zone of genius?

Or, are there other things you’re much better at, and you would much rather be spending your time on in your business? 


It’s time to hand it over to a trained writer who can take your ideas (and even what you’ve already started writing) and turn it into copy that will convert your browsers into buyers and encourage your customers to take action. [/right]

This is exactly what one of my clients, Georgia of Pinks Vintage Ice Creams did. With her input on ideas, I’ve rewritten their website copy and been writing their email newsletter for over a year. The emails I write regularly book them new customers, get great feedback from their audience and have helped them win a business award for marketing in 2016.


If you’re someone who struggles with copywriting, focus on what you do best and let me write copy that will convert browsers into buyers.


What if by the end of the month, your website copy was written and you had 6 months worth of blog post ideas & titles, keyword optimised for SEO, done?

What if all it took is one Skype chat and handing over your current site copy in return for 5 pages on your website written and your 26 blog posts planned out ready for you to write?

What if it only cost £750?

I’m offering you exactly that:

Your website written + 26 blog posts planned for £750


* This service only includes the planning of each blog post, not the writing. If you’re looking for your blog posts written as well, see below.



If you’d like me to guest post or ghost write for your business, I’d be happy to work with you on your tone and messaging or use my own style to write compelling, SEO optimised content.

Your blog posts or email newsletters written from £75

My rates start at £100 per 800 word blog post and £150 per email newsletter.



“Jen is the best marketing investment we’ve ever made.”

“Jen has been so creative and imaginative when it has come to writing copy for us. Her passion shines through all the work she does and it is contagious! Jen is the best marketing investment we’ve ever made! 

Not only has Jen helped us create engaging and creative content for the website, she has also helped us to become enthusiastic about writing blogs again. Sharing her knowledge and providing us with a clear yet concise plan for the next 6 months has enabled us to plan our blog posts.

The email newsletters Jen writes for us have been featured in the biggest trade magazine in our industry and even more importantly we see an increase in bookings every time we send our email!

Jen’s refreshing approach along with her organised and on time delivery means we would recommend her to anyone struggling with their website, copy or social media needs. We will be shouting about her from the roof tops!

Georgia Pinks Vintage Ice Cream

GEORGIA ALSTON // Pink’s Vintage Ice Cream

Website Copy & Blog Idea Package

“Jen has a fantastic ability to select appropriate content and write posts in a tone that appeals directly to our audience.”

“We commissioned Jen to write a series of blog posts for the main Simon’s Cat website. We directed traffic from our social media channels to the posts and our fans responded extremely positively to the subjects she chose. Jen has a fantastic ability to select appropriate content and write posts in a tone that appeals directly to our audience. We hope to work with Jen again soon and have no hesitation in recommending her for similar work”


Content planning & blog writing

Why Should I Write Your Copy?

When my A-Level teacher sat me down and said to me, “Jen. If you insist on having a career in biology, please can you stick to writing about it?”, I realised I wasn’t cut out to be a scientist.

But a writer? That was something I could get my teeth into. And in fact, something I had been doing my whole life – since the days of writing stories about the glamorous lives of my Barbie dolls.

So I searched for a university course that would allow me to write. 3 years later and I graduated with a first class degree in writing (BA Hons Writing, Fashion and Culture to be exact) having trained as a journalist.

Whilst studying I did work experience for various publications, getting a byline and having articles published in The Times, The Sunday Mirror Magazine, Bliss Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Nuts Magazine and WIRED Magazine.

However, seeing the reality of journalism from this first had experience, it was clear to me that I wasn’t destined to be a journalist. And so I took my skills and applied them to a role in a digital marketing agency. At first writing SEO copy and blogs for big clients. Then, moving into social media.

Since then I’ve used my writing skills every day of my career. They’ve served me well in creating copy and content for my own business and I’ve had the pleasure of using them to write for a whole host of client’s and publications, including:

  • The Huffington Post
  • AAT Comment
  • Simon’s Cat
  • The Independent
  • Off The Leash
  • Informi
  • Business Writers of America
  • Pinks Vintage Ice Cream
  • Thomas Cook’s Hotels4U

I love writing content, coming up with catchy headlines. My aim is to write entertaining copy that fits the personality of your business and brand, but that also converts into customers and clients. I am also happy to obsess over things like spelling and grammar and know the difference between they’re, their and there – leaving you to do what you do best.